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    I have been experiencing some difficulties with my PC´s networking which seem to be related to Comodo, very probably some misdoing on my setup. For example, I was not able to navigate with Chrome or Firefox, but was able to do it with Internet Explorer. This issue was solved once I uninstalled Comodo Internet Security through the ad-hoc program "ciscleanptool" (I could not do it with Windows uninstall). However I stil have "Comodo Dragon" browser and "Internet Security essentials" which are listed as installed on my Programs List. If I try to uninstall them from Windows, both uninstaller programs start running but stop at some point, but do not seem to "hang" (they are listed as active) but simply will not complete the task.

    Ciscleanuptool is not indended to unisntall these programs, is there a different tool I could use ?

    I attach a couple of screenshots to illustrate what I mean, this is when I try to uninstall comodo Dragon. Somethink similar happens with Internet Security Essentials. I have tried the same under Windows "Safe Mode", but same thing happens.

    I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bits.