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cmddata very huge

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  • cmddata very huge


    I use the free version of commodo
    I see that my 250GB hard drive is almost full. In fact I observe that the cmddata file alone is 96Gb. Why is it so big? And how to reduce its size?

    Thank you for your answer.

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    Hi tonyko33,

    The file cmddata shouldn't be 96GB. We would advice you to do a clean uninstall and install,

    Please try this official uninstaller

    32 bit -
    64 bit -

    Kind Regards,


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      Hi PremJKumar

      Thanks for reply. In fact this is the file cmddata.dlmdb
      Can i just delete it ? or replace it by a new one ?
      I don't want to lose all my settings data and blocked url or start the configuration again.



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        Hi tonyko33,

        Yes, you can delete the file. But preferred way is to export your configuration, do a clean install and reinstall.

        Kind Regards,


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          -Comodo Firewall version / Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

          Hi, today December 13th 2020, I noticed my 500GB disk was lower on free space than usual and after doing a quick scan with WinDirStat (free tool) I discovered that Comodo's cmddata file (C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\lmdb > cmddata) was taking a whopping 176.2GB. Note my cmddata file has no extension (not "cmddata.dlmdb"). My Comodo logging limit is set to 50MB.

          I have seen the current "official" solutions, which is to manually delete it in Safe Mode and/or to backup your settings and re-install Comodo.

          What still hasn't been explained, is what does this file actually contains exactly?
          I might be weird, but I don't go about deleting system/application files or re-installing stuff without proper explanation. Is it a bug where Comodo fills its log/database in a loop with garbage? etc.

          Thank you.


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            You should export your configuration, do a clean install and reinstall.
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              Before reinstalling, you better export your configurations.
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                same issue
                Taking over 100gbs
                cant i just delete this without uninstalling