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Release Candidate of Comodo Dragon Operation Platform for 12th of October, 2019

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  • Release Candidate of Comodo Dragon Operation Platform for 12th of October, 2019

    Hello everyone!

    We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases scheduled to go live Saturday 12th of October, 2019. morning!

    The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time platform will be under maintenance mode. Post-deployment tests are expected to continue until 4 pm EST during which you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us.

    Endpoint Manager

    Endpoint Manager Core

    New Features

    Fallback connections for proxy servers

    You can now tell CCC and CCS to use a direct internet connection if your proxy server is not reachable for any reason.

    Two-factor authentication on standalone Endpoint Manager

    Two-factor authentication has been an option on Comodo Dragon for some years now. With this release, we extend the feature to the standalone version of Endpoint Manager.

    Endpoint Manager admins can now:
    • Force two-factor authentication for all Endpoint Manager users
    • Enable two-factor for themselves
    • View the status of two-factor authentication on all user accounts
    • Reset two-factor authentication if there are issues

    Flag and remove options for old and duplicate devices

    New device management options allow admins to:
    • Filter duplicate devices
    • Define a time period after which inactive and duplicate devices will be removed from Endpoint Manager

    Support for iOS 13

    Endpoint Manager now supports mobile devices running on iOS 13.

    Change Passwords Manually

    You can now manually reset an Endpoint Manager user account password. Admins can now specify, or auto-generate, a new password on behalf of users.


    New Features

    Shellcode injection moved to Miscellaneous tab
    • The shellcode injection option has been moved from the HIPS section of a Windows profile, to the ‘Miscellaneous Settings’ section. This was done for consistency with the Windows security client (CCS)/

    ‘Skipped’ status added to antivirus logs
    • Antivirus logs in the security dashboard now state ‘Skipped’ if a file was not scanned. The new description is more useful for troubleshooting purposes than the previous description of ‘Unknown’.

    Ability to restore disabled services, autoruns and scheduled tasks
    • You can now view all disabled services, autoruns and scheduled tasks in the ‘Antivirus’ area of Endpoint Manager. Admins can re-enable these items on selected devices, or all devices.
    Remote Control

    New Features

    Proxy Configuration Fallback

    Admins can now have the Remote Control tool revert to a direct connection if their proxy is unavailable.

    File Transfer Improvements

    The latest release sees the following incremental improvements to remote file transfers:
    • Select and transfer multiple items.
    • Single-click remote files/folders to rename them
    • 'Transfer Logs' have been added to the ‘Audit Logs’ section.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed occasional connection errors when using remote tools in the Endpoint Manager portal.
    • Fixed issue that prevented Comodo Remote Control sessions when a maintenance window was active on target devices.
    Remote Monitoring and Management

    New Features
    • You can now receive reports after a procedure is successful on targeted devices.
    • More details about a failed procedure have been added to auto-generated Service Desk tickets.
    • Hidden procedure execute for support admin account.
    • Redesigned storage structure.
    • Improve logging mechanism for network discovery.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug which caused the RMM service to crash (specifically RMMService 6.30.29303.19090)
    Patch Management

    New Features
    • Admins can now install operating system patches on at-risk/vulnerable devices.
    • Improvements to the patch manager log collector
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a procedure execution issue related to logged in users
    • Fixed bug that caused Endpoint manager to mistakenly show supported software as unsupported
    • Fixed issue related to Microsoft Teams collaboration software
    Comodo Client Security

    New Features

    Scan DLLs loaded by processes
    • Added new option, 'Monitor DLL files loaded by running processes', to ‘Advanced Protection’ > ‘Miscellaneous

    Improved Windows Boot Protection
    • Comodo Client Security (CCS) now monitor untrusted DLLs & autoruns before the CCS service launches. This includes untrusted apps and unknown PE files which attempt to load via system vulnerabilities.

    Two-factor authentication added to Unknown File hunter (UFH)
    • After setting up 2FA in the portal, users will also be able login to UFH with the same system of Google Authenticator codes.

    Vulnerability Fixes
    • Refactoring to resolve CVE-2019-14694
    • Contained applications are now prohibited from accessing power options
    • Unsigned DLLs can no longer load into Comodo Client Security processes. Supported on Windows 8+
    • Added ability to prevent contained processes reading the memory of other processes.
    Bug Fixes
    • Full scan aborted - cavwp.exe crashes on Windows 10x64
    • Application crashes when it is started in Containment via right click
    • Virtual desktop prompt is split when 2 screens are connected
    • Unable to start browsers in containment
    • CCS does not start "Antivirus Update" operation by "COMODO Signature Update" scheduled task
    • AV scan doesn't log embedded code detected in autorun items correctly
    Service Desk

    Bug Fixes
    • Post a reply issue from the browser on Service Desk
    • New SD users created via Helpdesk portal are not getting activation/verification e-mails automatically right after registration
    • Wrong error message appears creating new ticket with wrong e-mail format
    • Ticket Data and Executive Ticket Summary Report don't receive data from SD
    • “Add New Field” button doesn’t work when editing the CUSTOM FORM “Ticket Details”

    Client Versions
    • Windows Communication Client 6.31.30518.19100
    • Windows Client - Security
    • Windows Remote Control 6.31.30444.19100
    • MacOS Communication Client 6.31.30316.19100
    • MacOS Client - Security
    • MacOS Remote Control 6.31.30425.19100
    • Linux Communication Client 6.28.26228.19060
    • Linux Client - Security
    • Android Mobile Device Management Client
    • iOS Mobile Device Management Client 1.2.27

    Best Regards,
    Product Management Team
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    Hello everyone,

    We would like to inform you that deployment has been started for October release.

    We will also inform you when post-deployment tests are completed.

    Best Regards,
    Product Management Team


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      Hello everyone!

      We are happy to announce that post-deployment tests are completed. You can safely enjoy the new features coming with the October release.

      Looking forward to hear your feedbacks!

      Product Management Team


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        How often are program updates sent out? Quarterly ?